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First Long(ish) Ride on the Stryker

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So I did my first "touring" stint on the Stryker. I rode up to Duluth, MN to meet up with my parents and their friends (from North Dakota). We then rode up the North Shore a little ways on 61, then hopped on Hwy 1 over to Ely, MN. Ended up being about 620 miles round trip. Great weather, outstanding scenery, and excellent roads (although, any Minnesotans should know that there is construction on Hwy 1 that created a 23 mile detour - 11 miles of which is a gravel fire road and cuts out the best 20 miles of Hwy 1).

Couple notes:

  • [li]I average 46-48 mpg - I only get about 38 mpg in my usual commuting but I love to ride hard[/li]
    [li]The bike gets a bit of vibration over an indicated 80 mph (which I think is closer to 75 mph actual)[/li]
    [li]A windshield would be nice for freeway speeds, but at an indicated 60 mph through the forest roads I don't think it is necessary (I wear a full face helmet)[/li]
    [li]The o-ring throttle lock/"cruise assist" is outstanding[/li]
    [li]The seat is not the worst stock seat I've ever sat on, but if I planned to road trip regularly, I think I'd be looking for something a bit more plush[/li]

I know this has come up in a number of other threads on longer rides, but are there any more thoughts from others out there?

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MjolnirScot5953 said:
I'm noticing the vibration around 80 as well, although I want to speculate that it's partially wind speed...
Maybe your right, now that I think of it. On the way north on I-35 from the Twin Cities I didn't notice much vibration at the 80 mph mark, but on the way back there was a steady headwind. The only thing is that I noticed a lot of the vibration in my foot pegs - seems weird that wind would effect that at all.

I should add, the 620 miles was spread across 3 days. Day 1: 160 miles to Duluth from my house. Day 2: 300 mile round trip to Ely and back. Day 3: 160 mile trip back home. And that Day 2 thing was broken up with all kinds of stops as my parents friends had never seen the North Shore of Superior, so I gave them a guided tour.
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