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First Mods, wondering if it's that easy?

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Just recieved the L&M lowering spring from NateDog. I was just wondering if it's actually as easy as they make it seem on the video, or will it turn out to be a 10 hour project. Figured I'd ask some of you guys that may have already done this. Any sugestions on compressing the shock to get the old one off and the new one on? I'm thinking about taking it to a shop to have them swap it.

I think i might also take off the rear tire off to put on the Side mount license that I pruchased from
( http://www.road6customs.com/online-shop.html#ecwid:category=337153&mode=product&product=1827453 )
Looks like it needs placed on the rear axle rod. Any suggestion for this one?

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immortal13 said:
Question: what's the deal with lowering the bike? How much lower does doing this give you? Does it really change the look that much?
These bikes sit even higher than the Raider ... and I thought it sat high. Lowering some say gives a better ride ... I only do it for looks. I think lowering the Stryker will be the first mod "we" do to the wife's Stryker.
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