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First Mods, wondering if it's that easy?

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Just recieved the L&M lowering spring from NateDog. I was just wondering if it's actually as easy as they make it seem on the video, or will it turn out to be a 10 hour project. Figured I'd ask some of you guys that may have already done this. Any sugestions on compressing the shock to get the old one off and the new one on? I'm thinking about taking it to a shop to have them swap it.

I think i might also take off the rear tire off to put on the Side mount license that I pruchased from
( http://www.road6customs.com/online-shop.html#ecwid:category=337153&mode=product&product=1827453 )
Looks like it needs placed on the rear axle rod. Any suggestion for this one?

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Its always hard to tell others how easy or hard something is, I think it comes down to you and how comfortable you are with taking things apart and putting them back together. The job itself isn't hard and yes I think its easier taking the rear wheel off, but it is time consuming. Other factors are having a lift or not...for me I can't stand doing this kind of work on the ground, but at min you need a decent jack and some patience.

You can always take just the shock down to the shop and get them to change out the spring, personally I feel you get more out of things when you do them yourself, but everyone isn't comfortable doing this kind of stuff, so in the end I think its an easy job.
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