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First Oil Change......bolt question

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Hi everyone! I super excited to have this bike!!! It has been so great so far :) I'm a first time owner and first time rider....and I have a kinda stupid question.....
So I changed my oil for the first time and everything went fine but what I thought was the oil drain bolt actually turned out not to be and I can't figure out what it was for and before I ride off into the sunset I figured I shoud be on the safe side and figure our what I drained. It looked like engine oil but it was just a little bit that drained out...So it was in the right hand corner of the bike under the oil filter and a little to the right of it. I read through the service manual but cant figure it out....Does anyone know what that was for and if its ok to just fill the bike up with oil and ride? Or if it was a different fluid? Thanks I appriciate it.

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17mm. It's usually always the bolt that is 17mm. Did you replace the gasket and clean the bolt? You should be ok this time if you didn't but make sure you do next time. Mine was like pancake and needed a flathead to get it off the bolt. Also, don't for get when you change the filter to take some of the new oil and dab you finger in it and rub the gasket on the filter, so it doesn't bunch up on ya. You probably already knew this tho. :p
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