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First oil change

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Ok, just did my first oil change on my stryker - man, that was MUCH easier than doing the job on my V Star. Word of advice - to those who don't have a lift or a stand....hope this isn't too technical for the layman. To level the bike while pulling the drain plug and allowing it to drain all out, an old dog house 2by4 and a broken brick are the perfect height under the kickstand for a stock setup.

Hope that helps. :)
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Thanx bud 4 the info. My horse will be due for one here pretty soon. Luckily I have a lift ;)
Wyntress said:
Are y'all using regular oil for your change?? I started with full synth and will continue to use it. Figured may as well protect my bike from the get go. Noticed a difference in my 90 Camry when I switched it over.
This next maintenance on her it's gonna be my first one, but I've been using full synthetic on all my vehicles, (except my wife's) lol and that's what I plan on using for my horse..
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