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First oil change

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Ok, just did my first oil change on my stryker - man, that was MUCH easier than doing the job on my V Star. Word of advice - to those who don't have a lift or a stand....hope this isn't too technical for the layman. To level the bike while pulling the drain plug and allowing it to drain all out, an old dog house 2by4 and a broken brick are the perfect height under the kickstand for a stock setup.

Hope that helps. :)
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I have already had my first oil change(done at dealer). I'm thinking I might want to use fresh oil in the spring. Is there anything special that needs to be done to change over to synthetic? I don't have a jack either but have been considering one. Since the most maintenance I ever plan on doing is my own oil changes Is there enough clearance to drain the oil and get to the filter easily using that very technical brick & 2x4 leveling device?
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