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Fixed sissy bar

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Hey guys and gals, new to the forum. Taking delivery on an 11 raven next week. Should I go with a tall or short sissy bar? It's more for comfort than looks. My wife is 5' 3" if that makes a difference. Thanks for the advises
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I also got the tall one and as mentioned above she likes being able to lean back on it as well.
Nuoi said:
Thanks for the replies and warm welcome. Guess tall it is, first mod and haven't even got the bike yet
....and it will not be the last. What color are you getting? I have the raven and am in the process of painting most of my chrome black. I have the sissy bar, side mount lp bracket, cut my duckbill off and have some leather wraps on the front upper forks. Took the chrome piece off of my tank. I think that is all so far. Welcome to the forum. Lot of great people on here and tons of info.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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