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G'evening folks,

I recently sold my stryker and wish to provide the fixed tall backrest I have for it still in with the sale but I need the mounting hardware for it. I found an old post that provided these details for the kit (apparently straight from Yamaha):
(4) Hex Socket Head Bolts - M8x1.25p x 65mm long
(4) Washers - M8
(2) Front Spacers - 18.4mm long
(2) Rear Spacers - 23.5mm long
(4) Hex Socket Head Bolts - M8x1.25p x 70mm long
(2) Front Spacers - 3/4"
(2) Rear Spacesr - 1"

This seems like double the amount of hex bolts & spacers. The post mentioned the author went with 70mm long hex socket heads so I'm guessing the corresponding spacers are the 3/4 and 1"?
Any possible assistance would be great. I couldn't find a .pdf online for the install.
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