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Flashing Oil warning light

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Has anyone had this issue: Oil warning light comes on & flashes 10 times & then off for 3 seconds & then 10 more flashes (Flash is like a turn signal light flashing).... does this w/engine off & ignition key to ON position as well as when engine is running, and never quits until you turn off key or engione. Appears to be some kind of sensor warning signal as opposed to being related to Oil level. Called Yamaha Dlr Serv.dept- they don't know what it is,suspect Fuel injection sensor issue. If anyone has had this issue what was it & what was the fix? Thanks in advance Mike
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I have had my oil light come on for a couple seconds once I start on a run but within a mile or so it will go off.

I questioned the dealer I bought my Stryker from, the tech said he has talked to Yamaha direct and there will be a bulletin issued stating it is just an air pocket causing a misreading.

Might be true, or it might be BS.

Has anyone else had this issue?
Thanks 11, will do
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