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So today I decided to open the drain plug and let some oil out. I'm totally bewildered how it could be giving me a high reading. ( Only put 3.59 qts in ) .. the sight glass showed it all the way at the top . So after the partial drain I measured the oil that came out .. 21.5 ounces... Wow ! Now - started the bike . Ran for 3 - 5 minutes... no oil light .. no lights at all . Shut it off . Waited a few minutes. With the bike upright ( on a block) the sight glass showed a perfect reading oil at top mark . As time passed by, each minute or so later ( with oil returning to oil pan ) the level started to go up . Check out these pics where you can see what I mean. I'm really confused. What's going on. Am I still high on oil or is the high mark only because the engine is cold ? 🥶
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