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Fork covers

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I would like to black out my forks, i know l&m makes a kit to do this and it does look very nice, i just cant see myself spending 150 buck just to cover up some chrome. I like the shock absorber boot things and i was wondring if anyone knows of anything that has the simmilar ones that would be able to buy, or if anyone else has a cool idea to cover these forks up im all ears.. thanks
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Go to any crafts store and get black vinyl wrapping. its very thin and adds no extra girth, unless you're into that kind of thing ;)

Costs a couple bucks for a small roll, self adhesive, and looks stock. I have 3" fork extensions and use it to cover up the line. Don't have any close-ups, but you can see it looks like it came with the bike.
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Is that just black adhesive vinyl brother?
Yessir, been on there over a year and still looks like it did the first day
ok, where did you get the Spike air cleaner. Other than low and mean. I've looked there, and I can't even afford tire valve covers from them.

Hit up Raul
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