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Fork Seal Service

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Does anyone have a link to a video procedure for replacing the fork seals on the Stryker? Or a good step by step how-to procedure?

I'm specifically curious if there are any unique tools I need. I already have a lift table and a basic mechanics tool set. I just never did this before.

I also have an old Suzuki project bike I need to do this for too.
I'm new to bike maintenance, but have a lot of automotive experience, so looking for any good tips/advice.
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Good question, looking forward to any answers.

I carry a fork seal cleaner in my swingarm bag, and regularly clean the forks of debris... but don't know about replacing them.

I would guess it's one of those jobs that are similar for many different bikes that don't have reversed forks.
Depends on if you’re just replacing the dust seal or the oil seal and dust seal. I tried to do it myself as I was also replacing the springs with the progressive ones, but I could not do it. I don’t have a lot of patients.
I took it to the shop and had it done I believe it was $400ish for a total rebuild including parts.
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Maybe a useful info/ tip since they share the same front end, basically the same when doing with any MTB fork.

This is a good general DIY -and the service manual-.

There are definitely tools that will make it significantly easier and quicker but they’re not necessary. Specifically a Fork seal driver, and the two tools in the attached pictures.
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There are a lot of videos on how to replace fork seals. Ours are pretty standard. I didn't need any special tools. I was able to use tools I already had or PVC pipe following this video:
and this one

The removal of the bottom bolt likes to spin so follow the second video for how to keep pressure so you can remove that.
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