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Fresh rubber in Avon 240 flavor.

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Can't believe how quick I blasted through the stock rear tire. Only about 5200 miles before it was gone.

I finally got my new rubber in and installed and made a quick mod while I had the wheel off. Which reminds me... does anyone have any tips for getting the rear wheel out of the swingarm? Once I had the axle out I had a **** of a time getting the wheel out because I was getting hung up on the rear caliper. Eventually the caliper fell out, somehow, and I rejoiced but then I ran into the same issue trying to replace the wheel. There has to be a trick to that...

Anyway, some pics for your viewing pleasure:

Fresh rubber ready to get installed

Fresh rubber ready to roll!

While I had the wheel off I decided to hit the rear pulley with a few coats of black spray paint. Why on Earth Yamaha decided to use a silver pulley on the Raven model is beyond me...

Mounted up and ready to ride!

I've only put about 100 miles on the tire so far but it sure seems to fall into the corners much easier. There is also a very noticeable difference in ride height. Can't wait for the temperature to get control of itself so I can go rack up the miles.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that you do indeed have to trim the lower belt guard. I wish I would've thought to snap a shot of how I trimmed it but daylight was fading fast as I was wrapping this project up and wanted to get it together so I could ride to work this morning. I'll try and get a shot in the future.
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That looks Bad A"" im tall enought the height rise would be good , Im more interested in how it handeles that seems to be a improvement from what you have said . Nice Job.
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