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Front Fender Trim Mockup

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Here's a photoshop mockup of how I'm thinkin of trimming my LM Front Fender... Any thoughts? I'm open to suggestions... ;)


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That looks great. I'm not in love with the bottom tho.
In your avatar i see you have the rear fender trimmed. is that a photoshop too or did you do that. post up a few pics of that
The rear fender wont match the curves of the body but it is a cool idea. as for the front, the last one looks the best.
I would keep it stock. it looks great normal. but it would set you apart from the rest of us
I like the idea of the brake light build into the fender like that. Predator 2 look BA
what about more of a point. like make the tip longer and less stubby looking
I'm selling my front fender if anyone is interested.
1 - 12 of 58 Posts
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