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front tire "hopping" issues

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Hello. On my 11 Stryker, I just had both front and rear tires replaced, as well as the rear brakes approximatley 2 weeks ago. My bike has 9,500 miles on it now. Ever since the replacements, the front tire has been "hopping"... upon several trips into the local Yamaha dealership, they replaced the front tire with a Metzler. The hopping has gotten worse exponentially. after another couple of trips in, the last thing was "you should call Yamaha yourself and ask them what this could be". they have helped me as much as they can, checking both the front tire and the back tire for any type of off balancing, misalignment, even the wheel bearings and o-rings. Tonight I applied the front brake tightly, and pumped the forks repeatedly. this has helped reduce the hopping somewhat, but I do not know what else to check. The Yamaha people told me it couldn't be the shocks yet... but now I am not so sure. I would be appreciative of any other ideas that anyone has!!! Thank you!!! :)
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Jack your bike up till the front wheel is off the ground. Tether your bars so the front wheel remains straight. lightly spin the wheel so it rotates several times and then let it stop by itself. mark the tire with chalk, pencil etc... NOT tape! now repeat the spin 5 more times... noting where the wheel stops. if it has stopped within 6 inches of the 1st mark more than once... it is off balance.
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