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Front Tire

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Ok, I am going to be getting a new rear tire as soon as I get back from this deployement. I have seen a ton of theads about people getting a new rear tire, but what are you doing with the front? Has anyone replaced it? Dose anyone know how long the fronts usually last? If I am going with a better rear tire, shouldn't I replace the front one also?

Since I can't go into the garage look at my bike could some please post the size of the front. Thanks in advance!
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As of now I am looking at purchasing my tires from J&P cycles and using code 302 for additional 15 dollars off, bringing the final cost to 388 to my front door.

Rear Avon AV71, 240/40R18
Front Avon AV72, 120/70/21

Now I just need to find some cermanic brakes for the bike.
I have thought about it but I think that I am going to bring the rims to the dealership and have them do it. That will give me time to paint a couple of things while it has no tires.
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