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Front Tire

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Ok, I am going to be getting a new rear tire as soon as I get back from this deployement. I have seen a ton of theads about people getting a new rear tire, but what are you doing with the front? Has anyone replaced it? Dose anyone know how long the fronts usually last? If I am going with a better rear tire, shouldn't I replace the front one also?

Since I can't go into the garage look at my bike could some please post the size of the front. Thanks in advance!
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Just me, maybe, but I will trade some wear for a tire with softer compound and better grip. I watched "Ultimate Factories" on TV when they did the show on Ducati. Seems Pirelli designed a special tire for the Multistrad which had a harder rubber compound in the center for better wear and softer compound on the edges for better grip in cornering. Sounds good but so did their pitch for the Multistrad as four bikes in one. Yeah, sportbike, urban commuter, enduro and long distance tourer. All I can see is one big compromise....not good at any but maybe acceptable for all these types of riding. Haven't riden one so I can't really say, but I know my enduro days are over, my sportbike days never were, and long distance for me is maybe a 250 mile day. So I think I'll stay with the Bridgestones when I replace cause they seems to give a good ride and I can corner as hard as I care to lean it over. P.S. I bought an Avon as a replacement for the Continental on my 1972 Hando 450. It had a square profile and hard rubber. Not a good tire. Lot of changes since then. I'm sure they are better now. I got about 10,000 miles out of my Dunlop on the Shovelhead and could gotten more if two roofing nails didn't hasten it's demise.
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