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Front Tire

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Ok, I am going to be getting a new rear tire as soon as I get back from this deployement. I have seen a ton of theads about people getting a new rear tire, but what are you doing with the front? Has anyone replaced it? Dose anyone know how long the fronts usually last? If I am going with a better rear tire, shouldn't I replace the front one also?

Since I can't go into the garage look at my bike could some please post the size of the front. Thanks in advance!
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I spoke to my dealer about the front tire and he advised me the front will last twice as long as the rear or longer and he also felt the front factory tire was as good as anything out there.
Not saying he was right Toby, just repeating what he told me when I was thinking of switching to the Avon on the front
cell crappity crap crap, now you guys got me thinking I should put the matching Avon on the front. I haven't noticed any wobbling or tracking issues but I also know when I make this 2,000 mile ride to vegas I'm probably going to find myslef on some uneven paevemt and goat trails here and there
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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