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Front Tire

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Ok, I am going to be getting a new rear tire as soon as I get back from this deployement. I have seen a ton of theads about people getting a new rear tire, but what are you doing with the front? Has anyone replaced it? Dose anyone know how long the fronts usually last? If I am going with a better rear tire, shouldn't I replace the front one also?

Since I can't go into the garage look at my bike could some please post the size of the front. Thanks in advance!
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StrykenShane said:
I spoke to my dealer about the front tire and he advised me the front will last twice as long as the rear or longer and he also felt the front factory tire was as good as anything out there.
How could he say that Bridgestone is as good as any. They are almost the bottom of the pile according to everyone I have spoke to and by my personal experience. Although you do get twice to three times the miles on the front than the rear with any brand. We replaced the front Bridgestone on the V Star at 6,300 miles and it was pretty shot. And I assume it was the original. We just changed the rear tire at 8,100 miles which was a Dunlop that was almost new when we bought the bike with 4,300 miles on it. The bike is sold with Bridgestone brand new. So we got about the same or just a bit more miles off the Dunlop, around 4,000 miles. We went from Bridgestone to Dunlop to Metzler on the Virago increasing the mileage each time, Getting twice the miles with Metzler as Bridgestone.
My Stryker as you know burnt the rear Bridgestone in all of 3,100 miles and I mean burnt it down to now tread at all. However the front tire is showing very little wear at all. I expect to get 3,000 more out of it. Just for one more piece of info the tire guy that changed mine said that it was normal for Bridgestone to wear that fast in fact he had seen them that worn at only 2,500 miles. We got almost 8,000 miles on the rear Metzler on the Virago 2 up fully packed. So I'm thinking solo riding should get closer to 9,000 rear or more and 18,000 front. Don't know yet on the heavier bikes but I would think close to the same. But will let every one know after this coming riding season. There are some facts to throw around, hope that helps. 8)
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StrykenShane said:
Not saying he was right Toby, just repeating what he told me when I was thinking of switching to the Avon on the front
Right. I figured that.
ratboy said:
There's a lot of information out there that cautions against having different brands of tires on the front and rear so be careful with replacing only the front with a different brand. The following quote is from an article by the National Highway and Safety Administration:

"Make sure you get a matching set of front and rear tires. Unlike car tires, you need to make sure that your motorcycle tires are a �matched� set. At a minimum, they should have complementary tread patterns, should both be either radial or bias ply, and ideally be the same make and model."
Yes I remember one bike I had years ago, (65,000,000,000 years ago) :eek:, that I put miss matched brands on and if there were any kinds of ruts/rain grooves in the freeway the front seemed to tracked different than the rear and was really wobbly. There was a noticeable decrease in that when I put matching tires on. I have been researching car tires for the rear and have been talking with the guys at L&M that are doing the custom 950 because they are using a car tire on that one. So they will post some feed back when they get er done and get some riding time to see how she handles.
UrbanRage said:
As of now I am looking at purchasing my tires from J&P cycles and using code 302 for additional 15 dollars off, bringing the final cost to 388 to my front door.

Rear Avon AV71, 240/40R18
Front Avon AV72, 120/70/21

Now I just need to find some cermanic brakes for the bike.
Urban, do you mount them yourself or ?
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