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ok stryker peeps, im torn between 2 programmers. the cobra and the power commander 5, any and all h

Fuel Programmers?

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I've been told that with the power commander 5 you have to get on the dyno and download the mapping and then upload into the programmer, versus the cobra fi2000r its pretty much plug and play. Thanks for everyones help on this.
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Ok - mapping versus autotune - I have a brother who has a 2006 Mustang Cobra and a 2011 Mustang GT - He has used programmable tuners on all of his "play" things. Now - I am not sure if they even make "auto tuners" for the cars - but he drag races all of his stuff and he likes having the ability to "map" the fuel and ignition system to what he wants - not something that. I guess my question is - if you are looking for the most performance - which really is better? I.e. - I understand that the auto tuner samples every 80 times a second and what ever - but it still has to have a "map" stored that says something like - if the engine/throttle/rpm/etc is this - then set these parameters to X - doesn't it? And if so - is this new value the actual best value or is it some type of overall average?

All that said - I am getting a set of cobra sweptbacks for my bike and - later - a big air kit of some type and when I get the big air kit I'll get a fuel programmer and these are the kinds of things I wondering about. All replies ad education would be appreciated!
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