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ok stryker peeps, im torn between 2 programmers. the cobra and the power commander 5, any and all h

Fuel Programmers?

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I've been told that with the power commander 5 you have to get on the dyno and download the mapping and then upload into the programmer, versus the cobra fi2000r its pretty much plug and play. Thanks for everyones help on this.
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FI2000R PowerPro Auto tune all the way!!!!!
Considering the difference in price, is it worth holding out and buying the auto tune over the plain fi2000r? I'm guessing the answer is going to be yes, but the price difference makes a poor boy cry. :'(
Either way, after reading these posts and seeing how Cobra's customer service has been, I'm definitely sold on that brand.

I also have a question about the mileage for those who have modified their bikes a bit. Does new exhaust change the mileage much? What about exhaust, breather, and fuel programmer together?
Ya the auto tune is a hit in the pants for sure. but once its installed you never mess with it again. no guess work on tuning, no having to go to a dyno every time you make a change if you want a perfect tune. As they come out with more and more mods for this bike, all we have to do is add the parts and it will do its job and adjust.
docprince said:
Where's a good place to buy the cobra fi2000r?
S&S Custom Cycles has the best prices i've seen on programmers.

I've got the autotuner ordered, but it will be 3+ weeks. I know the octane question has been talked about alot here but I haven't read anything about using different octane fuel after installing an autotuner. Has anyone experimented with different fuels after installing the cobra?
I tried a tank of 91 the other day cause I was thinking the same thing wondering what the powerpro would do and there was no noticeable difference between the 87 and the 91 octane. I'm still getting about the same gas mileage BUT i've been alot harder on the throttle since I put on the programmer so I probably do get better gas mileage with it. :)
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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