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Man, I chose my username well...Even the forum for Strykers is a Wasteland. I am just posting as a new member, and to say that it is becoming impossible to find aftermarket parts for a Yamaha Stryker! No matter where I look, I want a spike air kit for mine, nope don't exist. I wonder if the kit for a 1300 Yamaha would work, but no one to ask! I did get my pipes from PCS. Pacific Coast Star. I got the Curburners they are awesome. But their customer service sucks. So, here I am. In an empty room, just wondering if anyone else has noticed that finding something for a Stryker is becoming a difficult process...Thank you everyone. For anyone who wants to know: PCS https://www.pacificcoaststar.com/pcs/star-parts-accessories.htm
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I hear you, on both counts. Bike forums in general aren't very active during riding season, believe it or not this one is better than some others.

I also find it challenging to find aftermarket support for this bike. I guess it doesn't bother me a ton since every toy I buy has to be "different", so it has always been a challenge when it came to upgrades or even some replacement parts. I have done business with PCS a few times, and their customer service is just as you said - poor. But, they are one of the few places left to find Yamaha cruiser parts so I continue to use them. I see no reason why the spike kit for a fuel injected 1300 wouldn't work on a Stryker, I'm almost positive they use the same throttle body.
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