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FYI- Forward Extension shift rod broke

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This is an fyi to those that have the $%^^$mods forward extensions. This could be my fault as fairness. In a diy article on here I followed it and it stated to use lock-tite on the bolts that hold the rod to the end joints (or it could have been in the directions that came with the install) on the clutch side. I loosened the lock nuts one day to try to adjust the rod to adjust the pedal height and the rod snapped. This rod is small in diameter and the material is not that strong. I used pliers to loosen it and it just got tight a little and snapped.

Recommended fix:

I removed the shift lever, drilled out the end joint to 5/16''. Then I removed the shifter bracket (the piece directly on the transmission) and did the same. I started with a smaller drill bit, then worked up to a 5/16th. I then ordered two 5/16th heim joints and a 2'' extension and a 10.5'' rod off of a harley. Not only is the rod much thicker and feel stronger, the heim joints are much more reliable, much so that the harley guys replace their oem joints with these. To testify to that, the oem joints are fairly week, I used pliers to bend it to finish pulling the drilled joint out and it broke fairly easy.

Now most harley rods are 5/16 but some sellers don't list the lengths so I would suggest buying a rod around 10'' and buy the Kuryakyn extension set. $17.99 from Motorcyclesuperstore.com (free shipping right now) it comes with 2 extensions 1x 1 1/2 inch and 1x 2 1/2 inch and play with it. The heim joints can be had for around $8-$15 each. Then go to the hardware store and by two stainless steel bolts and nylock nuts.

Overall, this creates a stronger joint and rod.
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^ Mikey has a lot of good points. Boy I'd be pissed if I broke something like that. Simple fix but I'd still be mad!
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