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Gas tank removal

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Hello all,

I need to get my gas tank off for a little body work and paint. Anyone know if this is a difficult task? Any tips,tricks, or possibly a how to video would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Its a pretty simple task actually. Sorry I don't have a how to video for it though. On the bottom of the tank just in front of the seat you'll see two bolts that you'll have to remove. Then on the left side of the bike about the mid point of the tank tucked underneath it is the fuel ****. Turn this off and disconnect the hose attached to it. Chances are a little gas will pour out of the hose. Next under the seat is the plate the seat hooks into. Under that is another hose and a wire connection coming from the tank that have to be disconnected. Then pull the tank in front of the seat up and gently pull backwards. This will unhook it from the two mounts on the front. There is one final hose attached to the underside of the tank unhook that and you're done.. Hope this helps you out..
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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