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Gasoline Smell after being parked- Found Gascap on too far!

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Hey all, After I fueled bike first time and was very carefull about not overfilling. The next morning had bad gasoline smell in garage. Could not find any leaks at that time. Next day after I drove bike to work same smell after being parked but no apparent leaks again. So next day after riding again, I was parked on unpainted concrete in shop and found small stain from evaporated gas under bike at left front where Breather tube from fuel tanks exits at bottom near frame. So I checked bottom of tube and found fresh gas hanging ready to drip. So after reading owners manual and talking to dealer I thought I had better check how the gascap was sealing. Well, I had pushed down to far apparently on cap when installing when I refueled, because I could get key in and turn in cap, but not get cap off or key back out. I lightly pryed with 2 screwdrivers with rags to protect surfaces and cap popped up where I could remove and now works as is supposed to with no more leaks or gasoline odors.
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I had my first fill up today, keeping this thread in mind. Thanks! Maybe just takes getting used to but man this gas cap sucks! Who's with me?
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