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GE (Yamaha) Financing

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I just got a call fro GE. I forgot to pay my bill yesterday with everything going on.

I told the rep to go ahead and take it out and sorry I forgot, and BAM!, they hit me with a $39 late fee and a $15 pay by phone fee.

I financed with them because it was the easiest, since I was at the dealer anyways.

I definitely will not be late again... I gotta fill out that automatic payment paperwork.
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Although my bike is not insured with GE, I purchased a Yamaha boat several years back and financed it with them. Though i never made a payment late, I did pay by phone several times when I was unsure a mailed check would make it in time. They nailed me the $15 phone fee every time. I took a slightly higher interest rate with a credit union rather than finance my bike with them. Needless to say I wasn't at all satisfied with the institution.
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