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Gear Indicator

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Is there a Gear Indicator that would work with our Stryker?
The GI Pro is for Suzuki or Kawasaki. Plus I don't even know if this bike has the lower gears on a timing retard like those do. But a Gear Indicator would be nice (not for $500 though).
Phoenix, AZ
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It's not really a necessity, just kind of cool to glance at what gear I'm in when I'm not paying attention.

All the Gear Indicators I am finding require a Digital Speedometer or Tach. Or are a Speedo replacement for $500 +.

If anyone is aware how to do one with a Yamaha, please let me know.

Thanks, the second one is one I haven't seen before.
As for why? the description is what happens to me sometimes:

How many times do you find yourself trying to upshift on the highway just to find out that you are already in the top gear, or try to downshift only to find out you are already in first gear? How often do you get asked what gear you were in around a tight corner? These are just a few examples of the usefulness of this gear indicator.

Again, Thanks
I found the identical "Nice Cycle" one on EBay for 1/2 the price
it won't work on this bike.
The shift lever has to pass up or down past the electrodes and there is no place to mount them on each side of the shifter - especially with extended forward controls.
$200 Tach? Maybe...
I'll keep looking and post if I find a reasonable solution.
It appears that GIPRO does make a Gear Indicator that should work with the Stryker.

It lists compatibility with Raider and VStar 950>.
Also needs a harness that apparently connects to the Speed Sensor Coupler and the Crankshaft Position Sensor, then connects to actual GIPRO.

I found them together on EBay for $120.

Yamaha GIPR-X (GIPRO) & GPX-Y01 (Harness)

Looks like it's gonna be time to remove the gas tank again -- Oh Joy!

I'll post the install when/if I figure it out.

Phoenix, AZ
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Like I said it is not a necessity to have a gear indicator BUT sometimes when I'm riding into a strong wind at highway speeds I feel like I need one more gear -- I never had a bike with a tach so I'm not used to it and don't care for one on a cruiser, and I do listen to the engine, BUT every now and thern a quick glance at the Gear Indicator before a downshift or a highway upshift is helpful.
I will mount it out of the way just to glance at periodically.

Slow delivery won't be until next week so then I'll figure out an install on the Stryker if anyone is interested.

I also have to say like someone else did that it almost seems like a 1 1/2 gear is needed for slow speed sharp turns. !st gear doesn't make it all the way through the turn without shifting to second, and second gear is too high to start that sharp of a turn for me.
Friction zone is short too but I can live with it.

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