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Ok let me start by saying these are expensive! Xmas present to myself :D


I have the black powder coated "RS Devil Horns Hardcore" and mounting hardware. After shipping and taxes to Canada my total was $579.66.

Ok well I'll start with my experience with the company. The responses to my questions were quick. Fabrication, powder coating and shipping took about 6 weeks so I'm glad this was a winter mod.

The powder coating of the bars and mounting hardware including bolts and spacers is flawless. The bars are solid not hollow and the welds are perfect. All in all this is top of the line quality but for that price I would have sent anything less back. Installation was simple and the fit of the mounting hardware exact.

I love this sissy bar it adds an old school badass look to the bike and screams don't ****** touch lol. Gets tons attention these kinds of bars add a very custom look.

I know these aren't for everybody and there are a lot of mods you can do with that much cash but if you just robbed a bank and want the chopper look the front end has it's a great mod.

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