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Going shopping this weekend but debating color

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Being a newbie I can think I can get away with this without too much grief (maybe). I have narrowed my choice down to the blue or the raven (both 2011's) Sorry copper's I like the red/black combo but I gotta narrow it down and the copper did not make the short list. For me the blue is eye catching and chrome works well with the silver wheels. According to the "What color is yours? poll the blue is definitely the minority and the Raven a winner by a huge margin. This is probably why the blue was dropped for 2012. (Yeah I know… that because the Ravin is faster) The dealers around here still have blue ones on hand and seem eager to offload them. I like the blue even more because it more of rarity. Being my first bike I can live with the chrome, but the blacked out look of the Raven is sick. I have found only one 11 Raven locally and IMHO I not a fan of the black/chrome on the 12s. Black bikes are pretty common here and truthfully I would end up painting the tank to get rid of those wings. When I get stuck emotionally I try to reason it out logically like resale (why would I ever sell it I can’t imagine) or one easier to keep clean one vs the other. Being my first bike I am not sure how much maintenance is needed to keep up chrome or the flat black. I know black shows dust more but their isn’t that much paint to wipe down. Decisions Decisions.
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From what you wrote down It seems that you like the blue one better... I never had a question or doubt as of which one to buy. I liked the raven since the first time I saw it. Fell in love with it and bought it without hesitation. You look that way with the blue one IMHO.
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