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Got rear ended today in my car today

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I was rear ended today in a four car pileup luckily I was in my car. I still have a stiff neck tonight and some upper back and shouldr pain. After the accident and seeing the damage I shutter to think what would have happened if I was on a bike. The driver that plowed everybody never hit his brakes when the traffic stopped. Damage to my car was not to bad as I was the front car but the impact of the first car's front end and back end of the second car was ugly. Totaled the first car for sure. All the air bags deplored including the side curtains. All the cars were towed except mine.

Since I have been shopping for a new helmet I had come across one called Reevu. Apparently this helmet has some sort of optic system that allows you to see behind you. I was looking for a modular or full face with a flip down sun visor. After today my priorities have changed and am seriously thinking this is my new helmet. Here are few links. Sample videos of what the rear view image looks like can be found on you tube. It's a little goofy looking on the rear but I would rather have chance on seeing a potential impact and becoming a hood ornament.


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Glad you're okay man. I had a man come in the lane with me the other day while I was on the bike and yes, he was on his cell phone. I was trying to pass and stay out of his blind spot but the a$$bag in front of me decided to slow down so I was stuck abeam his driver door. Needless to say he did not even glance my direction but I caught the movement of his hand on the blinker and watched him come at me. I pulled clutch and revved the throttle until he jumped and moved back over. (Really need those louder pipes!!) I am thinking that cell phones will be the death of me at some point and I'm not talking about my own. Anyway, again, glad you're okay man. Keep your eyes open guys cause there are plenty that don't.
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