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hooked up gps (automotive)on stryker today, havent tested for glare yet - our friend duct tape -black of course, and cardboard is a temp shade for it until I come up with something better. Bought a truck bed cig lighter unit at Canadian Tire - semi-water-proof and has a hinged cover when nothing plugged into it. Ziptied that under the tank, grounded to frame and wired into the headlight. Works like a charm - brown wire not red so its not running all the time. The attachment for the gps is pretty big and rests about 1/2 inch from the head, so Im concerned about heat. May relocate it above that plastic piece around the frame - put on top of it instead of below.
May find some back plastic and cut to that triangular shape, and insert the power unit in it - there is a threaded part on the unit so should attach nicely, will look better and no risk of melting the lighter/chargerpart of gps.


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