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I've had a lot of questions about my pegs. Hope this helps, let me know if anything is unclear:

I had bought the Kuryakyn #4477, the pegs with the stirrups, but that was for HDs only due to the stirrup arm being welded to the mount which is only for Harleys.

So I took the main peg off of the stirrup and was able to buy the stirrups separately and use that with a metric adapter.

Then I bought a spare pair of the stock shift and brake levers, took the stirrup peg off from my first order that I wasn't able to use because it was HD only, and sent it off to be fabricated into a custom set of controls.

They stripped the chrome off them all, cut the stock controls off and welded a spacer onto the lever, then drilled it out and tapped it. Then they were able to secure the stiletto peg to the lever with a bolt.

The lever assembly was polished nice and smooth, not like the rough stock controls, and re-chromed.

In the picture, that is what I sent to the fabricator. I cut the stock lever arm pedal off, since it is all one piece, leaving a stub for them to weld to, but it turned out that the Kuryakyn pegs are made of pot metal, which you can't weld.

So they had to cut the stub off completely, and welded a spacer they had to the arm. Then drilled and tapped that spacer so that the bolt inside of the peg would be able to secure the peg to the spacer.

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I have my original stock pegs if that is what you mean. I bought a spare pair so I could still ride while doing this whole process.

The extra OEM's were I want to say around $80 total.

If I sold my originals that I no longer need I'd double check to make sure that is right and I wasn't ripping anyone off.

Then that person could make their set available for the next guy. I could also put you guys in touch with the plater and welder I used. They are in Texas.

~$130 for the Kury #4477 (Harley Davidson Stiletto and Stirrup kit)
~$60 for the Kury #4481 (Stirrups only, got on ebay for cheap)
~$25 for the Kury #8810 (Metric Adapter)
~$80 for a spare pair of stock OEM brake and shift levers
~$150 for welding and fabricating
~$125 for stripping, polishing, and rechroming

So all in all I got about $675 in everything.

These are the same pegs I showed a couple months ago. I just wanted to make my own thread to explain how I did them because I was getting a lot of questions about it.
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