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It's all done (yeah right).. but here ya go!

Video Walkthrough

Video Lighting Demo at Night

List of Mods/Accessories:
Low And Mean Front Fender Painted
Low and Mean Radiator Cover Painted
GMan Industries Bully Fuel Injection Controller
Vance and Hines Big Radius 2 into 2
Kuryakyn Hypercharger
Kuryakyn Infinity Streamliner
Pacific Coast Star Air Adapter
Low and Mean Rear Brake Light
Chrome Glow Front Fork Turn Amber/White LEDs
KT Autoparts HID Projector Headlight
XK Glow LED kit
Low and Mean Lowered Spring
Passenger Kuryakyn Stilleto Footrest
Kuryakyn Stilleto Footrest w/ Stirrup
Custom Fabricated Brake/Shift Pedals w/ Stilleto pegs
Scootmods Forward Controls
Low and Mean Solo Seat
Kuryakyn Scythe Mirrors
Kuryakyn Iso Grips w/ Stilletos
Yamaha 17" Boulevard Windshield
Yamaha Solo Luggage Rack
Cobra Belt Guard
Fork Caps
Garage Door Opener Mod

List of future projects:
Chrome Braided Cables
New horn
Pinstripping the Radiator Cover/Front Fender
Switching to Freedom Performance Pipes now that they are out
Custom Rims w/ 8.5" rear tire to accommodate wider tire

List of accessories waiting on manufacturers to make:
Kuryakyn Zombie Levers for Stryker
Chrome Covers for Handlebar Housings

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Sweet ride! I love that blue. First Stryker I saw was the blue and I absolutely fell in love with it. Nice job.

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Very well thought out Gravitas! Impact Blue and Chrome is a perfect marriage!

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Everything looks amazing, man! Great job!

You gave me some awesome ideas regarding your accent lighting... I have the exact same remote and I HATE having it attached to my bike keying. Attaching it to the handlebar for quick access is a great idea. Did you use any special bracket or just silicone to attach it?

Also LOVE the idea of putting the light control box underneath the side body panel. I have so much crap under my seat I was beginning to wonder what I was going to do with it all. Relocating that control box to the side panel is genius!

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where did you get the head light bucket? also you going to sell your vance and hines when you are ready for the other exhaust????

This is the headlight bucket I used.

This is the projector I used:

I went with that one over the highly recommended TRS because the KT had the angel eye and demon eye. In retrospect, the demon eye isn't that noticable and is only visibly at all when the bike is turned on, but not yet started. When its on, the actual HID will easily overpower the demon eye.

Both angel eye and demon eye are blue. I also got the 55W ballast with the 6000K bulb.

I've heard great reviews about TRS quality of glass. Mine from the night time video you can see isn't perfect, there are imperfections in the glass that show up on the road. TRS might be better.

Here's TRS:

I would sell my V&H someday but I'm not wild about shipping it.
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