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I finally got out and put a couple hundred on it for fun, not going to work! Don't get me wrong I have a great commute for a ride it just allways ends up at work! 20% chance of rain clouds in the sky, said screw it and took off with a buddy of mine for a ride. We went over hwy 20, down 16, to the 505 off at winters, back around Lake Barryessa on 128, into Lowerlake past the old goldmine, then home on 53. For those of you not familiar with the area it's alot of twisty road,and not alot of freeway. Tryin to keep up with my buddy on his fzr1 was a blast, draggin pegs, bombin down country roads, three or four creek crossings, even did a little burnout screwin around! All in all GREAT day had to post up about it just to let you know didn't stop alot for pics, sorry was havin too much fun.

Ohh ya, never did get rained on!


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