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had some questions about 2011 stryker

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Hey guys I'm new to the forum and I had some questions about a 2011 stryker I found for sale.first I'm from Huntington Beach ca I'm currently in Iraq right now and I go home next month I've been searching and researching bikes for me. I've looked at a lot of bikes and I think I've decided on a stryker. I am 6'4 230 pretty solid and I will be driving it to school prolly a 200mile round trip everyday. Seems like the stryker will do just fine and the water cooled will work great in traffic. Now as for the stryker I found its a 2011 burnt orange stryker brand new its a left over stock from the dealership and its going for 8k I've checked around to see if there was any used ones but there really is none around me so is this a decent deal and is the 2011 a good bike as far as no recalls or anything.
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I got my '12 Red this past February for 9200, new, but had to drive 150 miles to get that price- the ones around locally, even "left overs," are 11500 at best, so yeah, that's a good deal. Far as I can tell, the only differences between years so far are colors. So enjoy it when you get it, and welcome from East Tennessee!
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