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Handlebar risers???

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Hey everyone, I've been looking into anything that will bring my handlebars a little higher up and a little closer to my hands while riding. I've looked and I can't see any risers, etc. that are designed for the Stryker.

Would regular 1" handlebar risers even work with the way our handlebars are mounted?

I'm only looking for something that can raise the stock handlebars, as I don't want to go through the process of remounting/installing new cables.

If anyone could give me any ideas I'd really appreciate it, thanks!
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I'm pretty busy this month, but next month I'm going to try to make some 1" risers at work. Shouldn't be too hard with so many machinists running around to help me.
Yeah. Those machinists are tricky buggers, though. I'm sure they can make whatever I need. I was assuming I could just powder coat a longer bolt, but I haven't taken it apart yet to see how it's put together. If the studs are part of the bars, you could weld a peice of allthread on them to extend them pretty easily... or drill and tap the bars so you could use a bolt and be able to change it whenever you want. I don't know. I'll figure something out. I'm sure one of my buddies at work will help me figure out a way to do it without messing with the structural integrity of the setup.
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