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Handlebar risers???

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Hey everyone, I've been looking into anything that will bring my handlebars a little higher up and a little closer to my hands while riding. I've looked and I can't see any risers, etc. that are designed for the Stryker.

Would regular 1" handlebar risers even work with the way our handlebars are mounted?

I'm only looking for something that can raise the stock handlebars, as I don't want to go through the process of remounting/installing new cables.

If anyone could give me any ideas I'd really appreciate it, thanks!
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StrykenShane said:
I saw a set on eBay the other day, I emailed the seller and he swears they will work with the stryker

Got a link?
Won't work unless you change handlebars. I have asked Rivco to try and come up with something to use with our stock bars. Hopefully they will.
Mentat said:
I'm pretty busy this month, but next month I'm going to try to make some 1" risers at work. Shouldn't be too hard with so many machinists running around to help me.
One of the ideas I gave Rivco was to make a sort of "T" nut. The studs in our bars are in the bars and not removable, that I know of. The triple tree is thick so when you raise the bars 1/2", the threads disappear. Would need something to go up into the the tree holes with threads internally, but thin enough to fit in the hole. With a bottom that has a way to tighten that also.
Like this; but have a hex head where the flat is. Just a thought.


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No solutions as of yet. At least not without cutting the mounting plate off the stock and getting it welded on the new bars. Straightjacket was working on some mods but not sure what happened.
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