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Handlebar risers???

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Hey everyone, I've been looking into anything that will bring my handlebars a little higher up and a little closer to my hands while riding. I've looked and I can't see any risers, etc. that are designed for the Stryker.

Would regular 1" handlebar risers even work with the way our handlebars are mounted?

I'm only looking for something that can raise the stock handlebars, as I don't want to go through the process of remounting/installing new cables.

If anyone could give me any ideas I'd really appreciate it, thanks!
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yes put me in for one when you get it figured out.
I know now after riding 1,000 miles with my bike packed so I lean back against it, with the bag I am leaning on pushing me forward so I can reach the handlebars easy I really want to get handlebars that come back a bit. I also don't need a tire anymore, LOL I got a flat while down here and now have brand new metzlers front n back (240 on the rear). My wife loves me ;)
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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