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Hard Bags vs Soft Bags

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Ok so getting caught in the rain the other day sucked and since I don't have bags there was nothing to do but get wet! So I need bags and I'm not sure what I want, what I can afford right now and what is the best option, so I'm looking for your input. I've never had bags before so this is all new to me.
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I ordered soft bags the other day they should be here tomorrow I ordered these http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/produ...e=&catId=&productId=p507082&leafCatId=&mmyId= What i liked about these was they are universal mount you can either use them as throw overs or hard mount them. I ordered them from denniskirk.com cause If I don't like the look they have a no questions return policy. I like hard bags but they are around 400 dollars and didn't want to spend that.
thanks i've looked at nearly 300 different bags and I kept coming back to these I really like the look of the little side pouch it has for cell phones
yeah i ordered this one http://www.denniskirk.com/jsp/produ...e=&catId=&productId=p506962&leafCatId=&mmyId= 45 bucks its universal and from the reviews it should fit the bike hopefully
Put the bags and bracket on Friday and the wife and I took a 700 mile round trip Drove out Saturday and came back Sunday and boy we are tired. The bags look and worked perfectly. Very nice we even got rained on the last 40 miles coming in and everything was dry when we got home. The support bars worked but I tweeked them alittle in my vise to position them better on the bike to support the Jumbo bags. I ended up mounting them with the throw over saddle and drilling holes in the inner side to strap them down the the support bars for great support and quick release. On the way back from San Antonio it was over 100 degrees so we hopped on interstate 10 and put the hammer down all the way home 225 miles averaging around 85 mph we made great time 8) The bags held up nicely and they were loaded with my 1 day of clothes and my wife's week supply of clothes and a laptop, emergency tools, shoes and other misc stuff my wife packed. The side pockets was really nice for mine and my wifes Iphones and wallet. Having the quick release backrest I had to go to the hardware store and buy some longer bolts I bought 2 8mm 1.25 x 80mm and 2 8mm 1.25 x 70mm to mount the supports. Heres some pics of them I took of the bags.

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11stryker said:
Nice XPS! Look like they belong on the bike! Well Done!!

Thats exactly what I said when I got them mounted they fit perfect the pictures really don't do them justice. thanks
I was inbetween the jumbo or the large but decided on the jumbo one because they we're in stock and 2 for the extra storage. After getting them I believe the Jumbo looks better on the bike the large would look good but the Jumbo just fits the bike better. The quality of the bags is really nice they have webbed pockets on both sides of the inside of the bags as well.
I kept checking it cause it was one of my concerns but no problems If it was going to burn it then It would of done it the other day. The bottom of these bags is a hard rigid material so It looks like it will do well verses the heat from the exhaust. Plus I mounted it a little higher it sits maybe a inch and a half off of the exhaust.
cool if you need any pointers just let me know you'll love them
they will work without any mods to it. when you tighten down the bolts they will pull them into position. The main reason for adjusting them was when they are mounted they will flare out abit at the bottom so I put the top of the brackets where the bolts go thru in a vise and bent them a bit so they are parellel with the bike. Not a big deal at all it just looked alittle better. If you don't hard mount the bags and use the throw over saddle the bags have have twist clips that keep it attached you can move the bags to the furthest hole back and they will sit the best. You'll see what I'm talking about when you get them. This of course is if you have a back rest if you don't then just leave it where they are.

I'll take some pictures of the brackets mounted when I get home tonight
This is XPS just changed my name since no one else had Stryker ;D. The star support bars will work the best for it but using these universal ones just saves you money. So nope you didn't f up your good to go
All the hardware needed comes with the support bars the bags just come with the securing stuff to tie it down to the bike. I would recommend pulling off the ropes that comes with it and get the bags into proper position take a pencil and outline the support bars on the bags and drill some holes thru the bag to put zip ties to secure it to the support bars and use the yoke (didn't know that is what its called) under the seat. That is what I found is the best support for quick disconnection and looks cool to 8)
Air said:
SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! That doesnt happen very often for me and mods!!

And that doesn't happen for me much either I would have alot more money saved up or more mods more then likely more mods
Happy early birthday ;D The little pouch came in alot more handy then I thought it would
I used the tiny zip ties so the holes I drilled was real small When it rained on me the other day no water got in. But you could silicone it If your going to leave them on awhile or permanent.
I have the top of the bags positioned in the middle of the passenger seat so the bags are around a inch and a half to 2 inches off of the exhaust. And I mounted them parallel with the passenger seat. As far as future exhaust from what I've noticed all the aftermarket exhaust out now is mounted lower then the stock exhaust (some on correct me if i'm wrong) so if you hard mount them now atleast a inch or more off of the exhaust you'll be good. At first when I put the bags on the seat was tough but after doing some repositioning and getting the technique down (can't really describe it) I can take the seat off in seconds.
good to hear. I noticed the other day that I did the exact same thing on one of the holes and put a small hole in the netting. Oh well its on the inside ;D
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