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Hard Bags vs Soft Bags

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Ok so getting caught in the rain the other day sucked and since I don't have bags there was nothing to do but get wet! So I need bags and I'm not sure what I want, what I can afford right now and what is the best option, so I'm looking for your input. I've never had bags before so this is all new to me.
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Thanks XPS they are nice looking and I've looked at several others while I was there at DK. Did you pick up a bracket also?
Let us know if it fits once you get it in please.
Odered the same bags and support bars that XPS did yesterday, should be in Friday. Have 'em on Friday evening hopefully.
I'm going to try to put them on without any mods to the support bars first and see how that goes, otherwise I may be hitting ya up for advice.
No back rest on mine, in fact I think the next mod will be a solo seat, but I kind of gathered that's what you were talking about earlier. I plan on running the yoke under my seat, but will see when they get here. Thanks again XPS.
Stryker said:
I would recommend pulling off the ropes that comes with it and get the bags into proper position take a pencil and outline the support bars on the bags and drill some holes thru the bag to put zip ties to secure it to the support bars and use the yoke (didn't know that is what its called) under the seat. That is what I found is the best support for quick disconnection and looks cool to 8)
Do the holes in the bags cause issues with water getting in or did you seal them up with silicone?
Thanks Stryker. We'll see what I come up with Friday night.
Air said:
STRYKER and AHAM -- I've got these bags now, and just can't decide how to get them mounted!... Did you guys mount them to where the bottom of the bags are parallel with the exhaust, or to where the tops are level when bike is stood up? I'd hate to ask you to send me more pics of your setup, but it sure would help me out!! I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, so I want to do this right the first time, just can't wrap my head around what 'perfect' is!!! I did notice that using the throwover straps makes the seat really difficult to get on and off, and kinda dirties up the overall image of the bike. So far, I'm impressed with the quality and ease of the bags, and already have stuff to put in them!!! I need to get these mounted as soon as possible, as I commute back and forth to work as often as possible on it, and can't stand having to strap my lunchbox to the pass. seat with bungie cords!!! HELP !!! hahaha
I "tried" to mount them about 1/2" below the arc of the rear fender. Originally I used the stock set up (web belts and nylon strings) but didn't like the flop I got so I used Stryker's idea and zip tied them to the support bars. I did exactly as he mentioned...using a sharpy to mark the bags next to the support bars then I drilled the bags and slipped the zip ties through and around the bars. There's still enough room that if I need to take them off I can slip scissors back there and cut the zip ties. I hope this helps.
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