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Hard Bags vs Soft Bags

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Ok so getting caught in the rain the other day sucked and since I don't have bags there was nothing to do but get wet! So I need bags and I'm not sure what I want, what I can afford right now and what is the best option, so I'm looking for your input. I've never had bags before so this is all new to me.
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Nice Job XPS!! I'm thinking I'll be ordering these, since I had been looking at the same style, only LARGE instead of Jumbo ... but since you said laptop, JUMBO is sounding pretty good!!!
XPS -- So the saddlebag support bars from Yamaha for the Stryker (that I just happened to have purchased and installed) won't be of any use with these bags? I guess what I'm asking is, "Did I f**k up buying these?" I've been trying to get specific info on those bags from the dennis kirk website, but haven't seen what type of hardware comes with the bags. Would you be so kind as to enlighten me?? Thanks!
SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! That doesnt happen very often for me and mods!!
Well, I just got off the phone with Dennis Kirk (not him, actually), ordered the bags. I wasn't sure if I wanted the extra pouch or not, but decided to give them a try. Had to pay extra to get them here early. Should have them on Friday (just happens to be my b-day). Perhaps the fam will let me spend some time in the garage this weekend mounting them! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ..... ;D
STRYKER and AHAM -- I've got these bags now, and just can't decide how to get them mounted! I already had the OEM support bars, so I did not order the bars from D.Kirk, therefore I didn't get any of the hardware that comes with them. I threw the bags over the bike with the seat removed, using the nylon strap routed through the flaps with velcro, and then attached those nylon straps on the bottom to the lower part of my support bars. I was thinking about hard mounting them using u-bolts for the front and back of the bars, with wing-nuts and washers on the inside, and just discarding those 'strings' that came on the bags. My hang-up with that idea is in the future when I change exhausts, will I want to re-position the bags and be left with unused holes?!? Did you guys mount them to where the bottom of the bags are parallel with the exhaust, or to where the tops are level when bike is stood up? I'd hate to ask you to send me more pics of your setup, but it sure would help me out!! I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, so I want to do this right the first time, just can't wrap my head around what 'perfect' is!!! I did notice that using the throwover straps makes the seat really difficult to get on and off, and kinda dirties up the overall image of the bike. So far, I'm impressed with the quality and ease of the bags, and already have stuff to put in them!!! I need to get these mounted as soon as possible, as I commute back and forth to work as often as possible on it, and can't stand having to strap my lunchbox to the pass. seat with bungie cords!!! HELP !!! hahaha
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Thanks Stryker. I agree the most of the exhaust seems lower than stock, but figured that would give me a little more room to lower the bags if I wanted to later. I think I'll play around a little with them today and see what happens!
Well, fellas, I've got them mounted!! As did AHAM, I used Stryker's recommendation and did the zip tie deal. I did make one mistake; when drilling one of my little holes, the drill bit caught the netting inside the bag and tore-up a big chunk of it. So now it looks like a mouse chewed through it!!! I'd take some pictures and post them, but ****, my bike and one of y'alls bikes is identical!!!! Seriously, though, thanks for your help! I'll be dreaming up a different mounting setup for the bags in the next couple of weeks, and once it's fabricated and proven, I'll share!!
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