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Hardstreet Slimbags

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Does anyone have pictures of a Stryker with hardstreet slimbags???

I can find lots of pictures of all kinds of hardbags but not the slimbags... and most importantly not on a Stryker...

Can anyone help me??? Post some photos or send a link...

I would like to see how it looks on a Stryker before I throw down a good chunk of change...

Thanks in advance.....
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This is mine with the HS Slim bags. They will not fit with the stock pipe unless you get the HS Slim "HR" (high rise) - which is why I have the cobra 4" slip on.


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I stand corrected about the stock pipes. I did try test fitting them with the stock pipes and did not like the funky angle, how high they rode on my bike and how close the bag was to the pipe. At the end of the day I was just looking to get a pipe and it sure helped push me over the edge. hahaha
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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