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Has anyone found replacement handlebars that give a pullback?

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Just wondered if anyone had replaced their handlebars. :D
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WHY? And what would you do with your speedo?
Well I assumed that. :) It was more on why, because I think its pretty drawn back now and pretty comfortable. But my second question still stands. What would you do to for a speedo? I don't think you can reattach it. Is it not welded to the bars?
Kevs said:
StrykerJan said:
Hi shane,

You are right that I don't really want to go any higher. We have a local firm here in Preston who did my midnight star seat for me so I think I will take my stock seat and get him to build up the back and put some gel in the base to make it more comfortable. I need to ride a bit more first to see if I need it doing. At the moment I do sit far forward so can reach the bars easy but I tend to have to keep moving about as I slip back to the back rest.


Can't be easy being 4'13" can it Hobbit
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Easy to say when your on the other side of the ocean.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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