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Headlight Visor

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Anyone know if they make a visor for the headlight or what size I would need? Can't seem to find anything that states it would fit the stryker.
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Thanks Nate, That helps point me in the right direction.
Well, I had purchased this cheap Visor for $14 off of ebay and stuck it on, After seeing NYJOL and JON's headlight that is the direction I will be going but figured I would post this pic anyway. This just doesnt sit well with me, I dont think the headlight looks right with it, what do you think?

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50ccRdRash said:
NAhhh bro..good try but really doesn't fit the bike..maybe if it were black or something.??
Yea, I took it off right after the picture was taken. Not even black would pretty that baby up. This picture shows that this headlight is just not designed for a visor. This idea is officially scrapped. Time to start looking at a new headlight.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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