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Heat shrink tubing from Harbor Freight

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Hey this might not apply to everyone but was at the new store in Naperville and they had a variety pack of this stuff for $4. I was seriously looking for this when I did the rear tailight but couldn't find any so I jury rigged some sheathing and electrical tape. Would have preferred this.

Like I said only saw it at Naperville and didn't see it online. Comes with 4 feet each of 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch all in black. Come spring I'm sure there will be a few wiring projects like the heated grips to put this to good use. Late fall was tough on my hands even with new gloves.
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BillyD66 - I used the same stuff from Harbor Freight and had no issues. It works very well. Harbor Freight is a great place to get decent tools. Be sure to sign up for their flyer. Usually every other month you will get a big flyer in the mail with a bunch of coupons. I usually go through it each time and pick up a few things. I know they are not the top of the line tools, but for the prices it is great to stock up on a variety of tools. Just remember to take your flyer and have them scan your code so you will keep getting the flyers. I just stopped in this past weekend.
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