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Heat shrink tubing from Harbor Freight

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Hey this might not apply to everyone but was at the new store in Naperville and they had a variety pack of this stuff for $4. I was seriously looking for this when I did the rear tailight but couldn't find any so I jury rigged some sheathing and electrical tape. Would have preferred this.

Like I said only saw it at Naperville and didn't see it online. Comes with 4 feet each of 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch all in black. Come spring I'm sure there will be a few wiring projects like the heated grips to put this to good use. Late fall was tough on my hands even with new gloves.
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n my area we have a few stores called Northern Tools. A toy store for men. The store has everything u can think of with quality tools and machines. And then there's harbor freight. Great stuff in there as well. Not quality as Northern, but if your looking for smaller things like shrink tubes, gloves, and other small accessories. Harbor freight is where to go. I like shopping in both stores and there like 5 min away from each other.
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