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Hello from Alabama

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Hey everyone! My name is Clint and I live in Huntsville, AL.I just wanted to say hello. I picked up my Stryker this weekend and I am stoked! I got the black one of course! LOL
Traded in a Suzuki M50 and am more than happy with it! Looking forward to customizing the bike.
I'm sure there will be a ton of aftermarket parts out!
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Nice! The blue one was the first one I saw in person. It looks good.
I really liked my M50 but there is no comparison between it and the Stryker! I already got new mirrors and am thinking bout some Cobra swept exhausts in black of course! LOL
I'll try to get some pics posted soon.
Well, I'm headed to Panama City Beach for Thunder Beach next Thurs. I'll find out if the stock seat is gonna cut it. I may be looking into a gel insert for the ride back! LOL
Hey Doc! Thanks for the info. I've been to Top Hat before. Great BBQ! I dont remember the bike shop. I'll have to come down and check it out! Maybe we can have some lunch. :)
Thanks for the road info, Doc. I hate traveling the interstate but its the fastest way there.
JT, welcome to the forum. We all need to meet up sometime and get some BBQ!
jt4bama11 said:
Sounds good guys.
I second that! ;D
Hey guys, My family and I are ok. Thanks for your concern. I just got power back yesterday but my mom and brother are still without but at least we still have homes. Its really sad to see the amount of destruction. Hope all of you are ok too!
I still ended up going to Panama City on Thursday for Bike Week. On the drive down we saw how bad it was between Cullman and Bham. It is a mess but the utility crews have really busted ass. We have had trucks from all over the country to come help restore power. I'll be fine if I never seen this kinda of destruction again. My prayers are with those who lost loved ones and homes in this disaster.
ex11bravo said:
Hey Black! I was worried about you. Glad you are ok and had a safe trip. Doc
Thanks Doc. Glad you are ok as well:) Its getting better up here. My brother and mom got their power back yesterday. The crews up here were busting ass. I cant thank them enough.
Thanks RSR!
JT, glad you are safe. Let me know if I can do anything for you!
Well if I'm ever down that way on my bike, I'll holler at ya! 8)
Right on! I remember just back in January when there were like 6 people on this forum. LOL
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