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Hello from MA

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Hey there, just want to introduce myself. I am the new Masshole, Max. Just picked up my stryker on st. paddys day.
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PS since I can't figure out how to post in te classifieds, I want to let people know I am looking for a front fender take off if anyone is swapping theirs out. I would appreciate anyone keeping me in mind if they have a stock front fender they are willing to part with.
Yup. I have a whole 3 miles on the clock on it and already freaking out about all the crap getting shot at the radiator. since I actually like the lines of the front fender, I plan to make 2 into one. That is of course if I can get a fender haha.
yea I have seen some of their stuff and although I do think it looks good, it is usually on a more radical looking bike than I want this bike to be. with the stock fender project I just plan to make it a functional fender and keep crap off the radiator while looking stockish and making people wonder what is different about it.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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