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Hello from StL MO

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I've been trolling for a few weeks now. Lots of good info here!

I have almost 500 miles on my 2011 Raven Stryker. It's my 3rd bike. Started on a '97 GS500. Grew out of that real quick and sold to a friend. Most of my riding experience was on my last bike, an '07 Yamaha FZ6. That was one quick ride. I learned that dragging a knee wasn't my thing and after numerous blasts to 145 mph and thinking it was a bad idea the entire time I decided to go cruiser. I read a few things about how much plastic is used on the Stryker...I guess not many here had a sport bike ;) I was pleased with how much metal there was on the Stryker.

I looked at a 2010 Vulcan 900 SE first. But I loved that FZ6 so much I needed to stick with Yamaha. I sat on a Stryker *once* and was sold immediately.

I had Two Brothers under-tail exhaust on the FZ6 which was LOUD. Getting on the Stryker was kinda scary because it was so quiet! So I took the plunge like most here and drill the pipes. It sounds PERFECT! Almost rethinking my plans to buy aftermarket pipes.

/rant off

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Welcome to the Forum friend.~~!!
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