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If you aren't already in "fuel" display mode it'll switch to "Eo___F" when you hit 1/4 tank(max 40 miles normal riding left). Then when you are really low the fuel light will come on(max 20 miles left).

After a while the Yamaha fuel gauge looks normal to you and not like an error code:)
BTW, don't wait too long for fuel. The bike is heavy to push more than a short distance!!

P.S. The manual goes over how it changes from one mode to the other etc. but basically when the fuel light comes on you are running on the small "reserve" tank under the seat. Most people look for fuel and fill up when they get the 1/4 tank warning.
If you are in an unfamiliar area the low fuel warning can be a "pucker" moment. Better to fill up more often and take an a$$ break then to sweat running out of fuel IMO.
I let it run low initially to make sure everything worked as the manual stated. I also did that close to home and made sure the wife was around and the lawn mower's gas can was full :biggrin1:

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BillyD66 Says it best!! I have pushed a bike 2 miles for gas before. Bike weighed half the Stryker and I was half my age now. and my legs were numb by the time I got to the pump. Now if I run out, it better be all downhill to the gas station. or I will just walk to get gas and bring it back to bike LMAO
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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